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Standout Coffee: Inacio Soares @&heirloom coffee of Taipei

This month, we’re thrilled to feature specialty coffee beans from Standout Coffee in Sweden at our café. Congratulations to Standout Coffee for winning Best Roaster at Nordic Coffee Fest 2024, reaffirming their exceptional roasting skills. Introducing Inacio Soares, a single-origin bean from Standout Coffee in Brazil. While Brazilian coffee often lacks distinct flavors, this single-origin stands out with complex layers and a balanced profile. After adjusting brewing parameters, we’ve unlocked its rich nutty flavor with hints of chocolate sweetness and fruity acidity. This bean continues a legacy of sustainable coffee cultivation, started by Inácio’s father 50 years ago. Inácio has transformed his inherited passion into a thriving specialty coffee business. We commend these unsung heroes for their dedication, as without them, such exceptional coffees wouldn’t exist. This Brazilian single-origin is a hidden gem awaiting discovery by true coffee connoisseurs. We aim to share its excellence through our brewing techniques, hoping to introduce more people to its wonderful flavors.

本月我們開始在咖啡館供應來自瑞典Standout Coffee的多款精品咖啡豆。同時,恭喜Standout Coffee榮獲上周Nordic Coffee Fest 2024最佳烘豆師殊榮,其卓越烘豆技術再次的被肯定。

我們也很高興向大家介紹一款來自巴西的Standout Coffee單品豆Inacio Soares。一般人對巴西咖啡的印象是種類繁多但缺乏獨特風味,這款單品豆則展現出複雜的風味層次和平衡口感。經過我們反覆調整的冲煮參數,我們發現它散發出香醇堅果和巧克力甜味,平衡的酸甜果香,以及清新的收尾酸度。

這款巴西單品豆承襲了父親50年前的咖啡永續經營夢想。JS莊園的Inácio接手父親的咖啡莊園後,不僅傳承了父親對咖啡的熱情,更發展成永續發展的精品咖啡事業。我們向這些幕後英雄致敬,因為沒有他們的熱情、努力和堅持,這些優秀的精品咖啡不可能問世。這款Inacio Soares巴西單品就如同千里馬,具有潛力但尚未被賞識。我們希望透過調整後的冲泡參數,讓更多人品嚐這款精品巴西單品咖啡。

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